Back to blogging – after a blitz of other deadlines

It has been a VERY busy month on the keyboard. The good news – it means I’ve had a lot of freelance writing work. The bad news – I’ve been pulled away from blogging too often over that span.

Hopefully, I’m ready to get back to a more regular schedule here. Just when I felt I was working my way to a system of more frequent blogging, the flood of writing assignments came my way. And I can’t let the book continue to take a back seat.

Also, I’m finding I work with the TV on the background too much. Why? – because that “Big Rock Candy Mountain” song from the L.L. Bean backpack TV commercial is stuck in my head. I’m singing it to the dogs as I’m preparing their food. But the only word they catch from the lyrics is ‘candy.’

Anyway, looking ahead to Wednesday, I’m hoping to post some information about the BP oil spill and the crazy legislation in a couple of states that requires greyhound racing. What’s up with that?

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