Huge oil plume lurking beneth the surface near Gulf oil gusher site

I’m late getting this posted, but last week NBC reported on a 22-mile-long plume of oil lurking in the Gulf of Mexico, that also measured a mile wide and 650-feet deep near the site of the well rig explosion.

The discovery adds more evidence for those who are challenging the earlier estimates by the government that suggest 75 percent of the oil has been cleaned up, burned, eaten up by microbes or dispersed. When I first heard about this 75 percent figure, I wondered if those using it were taking into consideration the amount of oil that has washed inland and into marshes and the oil lurking in plumes beneth the surface.

It seems we are in cover-it-up-and-hope-everyone-forgets mode from BP and the federal government. When we learned the news of the Mineral Management Service being in bed with BP, this seemed to be the course both entities set.

Now we’ll probably see more propaganda, telling us this spill wasn’t so bad after all. Those willing to swallow that one, would probaby purchase a fish dinner from the BP Diner, billed to be cooked in a special oil and vinegar sauce.


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