SC should join the rest of the country in banning ‘bear baiting’

Articles on the practice of bear baying (or the more descriptive term – ‘bear baiting’) – have cropped up of late from at least a couple of sources, including the Associated Press and

As a result of various anti-cruelty laws and regulations across the country, South Carolina is the only state in the nation that still allows this horrible practice. The GoUpState story reports on a video showing a black bear, with her teeth and claws removed, facing the wrath of several dogs while tethered to a stake.

The fact that some people actually enjoy this sort of cruelty, and offer it up like a competition with awards for the best torture, is sick at best.

If they like this kind of violence, these individuals should leave the dogs and bears out of it and set up a contest where they fight among themselves for the awards. If they want to see violence, they should man up and jump in there, with others who enjoy cruelty. Don’t force innocent creatures into it.

Some people are defending bear-baiting as way to train dogs for bear hunting and they suggest it’s safe. But in reality, it is torture for the nearly defenseless bears. And I wonder how many dogs – unreported – are injured during the hunts, where the bears have teeth and claws and are not tethered?

And I see where the idea is to teach the dogs to make the bear stand up on its hind legs to make it easier to shoot. Sounds like some people need to find a new hobby.

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  1. Sadly – Bear Baiting is still allowed in Maine as well – despite numerous attempts to ban this cruel practice.


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