Letter to the editor makes a couple of great points on the issue of puppy mills

I found a letter to the editor on the Kansas City Star website that every elected official across the country should read.

Letter writer Gary White wrote

“” What would Missouri lawmakers tell their children if the kids were able to see the conditions these animals are kept in and these children knew their father or mother had the power to change it but didn’t? “”

And he asked them to imagine their pets living 24/7 in small cages, soaked in feces and urine.
Lawmakers at the state and federal level have the power to make a difference and put some real teeth into laws targeting puppy mills and other abusive practices against animals. But to date, far too few legislative bodies have acted appropriately. There is a move afoot to close a gap in the federal FDA rules to cover puppy mill operations that sell directly to the public.
But it is long past time to do more.
And there are so many other issues that fit into the category of – How Can We Allow It To Go On? Criminals who have committed terrible acts against children get out of prison far too soon, only to repeat the crimes again and again. We discover a drunk driver who has multiple DWIs on his record has killed someone and we wonder how a judge or the system could let him off the hook so many times.
So how do the legislatures sleep at night and what would they tell their children? What would their responses be if their kids asked – Why don’t you pass legislation to stop abuses against children and animals?
Consider that with every passing day, it is another day where puppy-mill animals suffer; crammed into filthy cages with dirty water, no veterinary care, no time for play, no love and only suffering.
And what about the kids at risk today from child predators that the ‘system’ only slaps on the wrist for every conviction? What about the next child who will suffer all too soon because laws are not strong enough to protect them?
I couldn’t do it. If on the very slim chance I was ever elected to a state for federal house or senate, the other senators or congressmen would regret every day I was there. Every time my attempts to propose legislation to better protect kids and animals from abusers was shot down, I’d be in front of a microphone reporting the names of the people who shut the door on the proposals.
And my question today is why aren’t we seeing more backbone and more outrage from our elected officials on these issues – from both and all sides of the political spectrum?

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