Organization pushes for animal-welfare regulations for wildlife

A very interesting article published on out of Canada reports on images taken by remote cameras in the forests near Bella Bella.

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation is using the images to promote better standouts of care and understanding of wildlife, suggesting animal-welfare rules should apply to pets, farm animals and wildlife.
“” The peer-reviewed paper, published in the British scientific journal Animal Welfare, breaks new ground by suggesting wildlife researchers focus more on the welfare of animals than simply gathering information. “”
And there’s this important information from the piece:
“” “”

The study suggests that those working with wildlife should adopt an adapted version of the internationally recognized Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, used for captive animals.

It should include:

• Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition caused by humans.

• Freedom from discomfort due to environmental disruption caused by humans.

• Freedom from fear and distress caused by humans.

• Freedom from pain, injury and disease caused by humans.

• Freedom to express normal behaviour for the species.

“” “”
Habitat preservation has become increasingly important over the last few years – not only to maintain wildlife populations, but also as preserving forest acreage is critical as it relate to the Earth’s climate and for example, absorbing carbons.
We must find a way to get more people to understand the simple concept that the more we destroy, the more we destroy our future. And of course, we need more education on animal behavior, cognition and self-awareness – as this article basically suggests.

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