Woman offers a lone protest at the Pennsylvania state capital, chained to a doghouse

Tamira Thayne chained herself to a doghouse on the steps of the Pennsylvania state capital, day after day for 10 hours each day, as a call for new legislation to ban tethering of dogs.

What a great effort. What a great way to call attention to this problem. But while the state’s elected officials and those in other states across nation fail to act on this issue – countless dogs are living out their lives chained 24/7, in rain, snow or extreme temperatures.

It’s long past time to free them.

I really don’t get it at all. Why have a pet if you’re going to chain it to a stake in the back yard? What’s the point, other than to torture the dog or isolate it from human contact?

I’ve heard others argue that with tethering ordinances come more dogs running loose because these people don’t have fenced yards. This is less than a pitiful argument. What do people who live in apartments do? Right – the dogs live inside and are taken for walks every day.

I’m of the fact that several years back, my home county in North Carolina banned the practice of tethering 24/7. Dogs can be tethered for no more than for a set maximum time period each day – and only while under supervision.

Dogs – and really cats – need to live inside with us. We domesticated dogs and should take the important responsiblity of letting them live inside with the family. They’re great for watching movies with and for snuggled naps on the sofa or in bed.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Bless you Tamira!! She is fighting so hard for what should already be a humane law! When will the politicians “get it” or do they even want to ?? We humans did domesticate the dog many many years ago & it’s our responsibility to them, to take care of them and treat them humanely, as family! If you don’t want to “bother” with a dog, DON’T GET ONE. Those of us who are lucky enough to know (have known) the unconditional love and devotion that our dogs so generously give us, know all too well what those others are missing.


  2. Thank you Tom for posting this!!


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