Letter to the editor in Missouri bypasses reality of puppy mills

A letter published on the Columbia Missourian website just simply paints a picture not based in reality.

Quote – “” Every professional kennel employs a sound preventive health program for their dogs. Why? Because they care for the animals, and their reputation is at stake. “”

Every professional kennel? – Even the kennels where video evidence shows dogs crammed into cages laced with urine and feces? Even the kennels where dogs are found suffering from untreated illnesses and severe injuries?

Sure, there are some good, quality breeders across the country. But to state that “every professional kennel employs a sound preventative health program …” is to deny reality is real.

And why do some breeders – the puppy mill operators – treat their dogs so poorly? Because it cost money to offer the dogs veterinary care and proper food and water and exercise. And so many of these puppy mills have gotten away with torturing the breeding dogs for years now.

Why? There are two reasons why the puppy mills are still operating. Lack of strong laws and enforcement and the support of people who are still buying puppies off the internet and in stores.

So as long as people buy dogs from sources supplied by puppy mills and as long the laws are weak enough to allow the mills to continue to operate, the problem will continue. And these green lights for substandard kennel operations mean they don’t have to employ “sound preventive health” programs.

But the writer goes on to admit there are bad actors in the industry, countering his previous point. And then states – “The proposed ballot initiative will adversely affect good Missouri families …”

Again, we’re hearing this one over and over again, as an argument against better laws to attack the puppy mill problem. But this twisted logic wouldn’t stick to an oil slick.

How would breeders whose practices exceed the minimum standards of care proposed be negatively impacted by those minimum standards of care? The breeders who do not meet the minimum standards face having to upgrade their facilities and/or practices – or close down. It’s as it should be.

The proposed minimum standards in all of the state bills I’ve read, are just that – minimums. The proposals could actually stand to be more strict , to insure the dogs are not suffering in any way. If a breeder can’t meet the standards I’ve seen, it’s a cause for red flags.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Crap. These people sound like they’re taking their argument out of the overlord’s book of obfuscation and dissembling. Come to think of it, take away the money the overlords leech off the greyhounds for racing and replace it with the money these walking bags of wasted protein leech off the dogs by over-breeding them and they are overlords.


    • Posted by Tom Grady on September 1, 2010 at 11:39 am

      Why can’t the folks in the greyhound racing industry and the puppy mill industry just go the honesty route and admit they don’t consider dogs to be living, breathing beings?
      Why can’t they just come right out and admit that the dogs – to them – are nothing more than commodities, worth nothing more than they cages they cram them into?


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