“Talk About It” program in San Antonio looks to be the right approach

The San Antonio Area Foundation, Alamo Area Partners for Animal Welfare and the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services have teamed to launch “Talk About It!”(Vamos a hablarlo!).

An article posted recently on MySanAntonio.com calls it “a bilingual citywide campaign to keep moving San Antonio toward a no-kill future. The campaign promotes spay/neuter, adoption, and responsible pet care through the message CAN (Care, Adopt, Neuter).”

The writer of the piece reports back in 2004 the city was euthanizing more than 48,000 dogs and cats annually. Many people became outraged with numbers and began “talking about it” and engaging in efforts to bring the number down. By 2009, the percentage of deaths had dropped by 68 percent, to 15,585 – and spay/neuter surgeries doubled from 21,230 to 40,457.

And what should happen everywhere is happening in San Antonio. Rescue groups are working with the local municipal shelter to attack the problem on multiple levels. There’s a Pack Mentality that is working.

With the number of homeless dogs being produced by multiple sources annually – puppy mills, greyhound racing, people who refuse to spay/neuter, etc … – the no-kill mission is has been a tough goal to reach, especially in regions such as the South.

But there is no doubt the ultimate goal should be no-kill. We just need to all work together to get there.


One response to this post.

  1. Thank you for picking up on our mission. We have been facing many challenges along with every milestone we have crossed. Check our Area Foundation website for more information on our participation with the No Kill initiative http://www.saafdn.org/netcommunity/animals
    and visit our campaign website at http://www.talkaboutitsa.org

    Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter: NoKillSA and Talk About It! SA

    Thank you for your support!


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