The strange case of the puppy mill clueless

I recently read an editorial from a writer who opposes the anti-puppy mill bill in Missouri. I won’t even provide a link because A) it was so poorly researched that I clicked off of the page without saving or bookmarking it and B) there was a note added, reporting the text was modified in several paragraphs after numerous comments pointed out its errors.

But – one comment did stick in my mind. It was something along the order of suggesting the bill was all wrong because it only applied to breeders and did not cover rescue kennels.

Now for one thing, rescue kennels should be held to a standard of care. No doubt about it. But I wonder if the individual who made the comment understands that a vast majority of local rescues probably would not be needed if we had better laws to protect dogs from the horrors of puppy mills and from those who keep allowing their dogs to freely breed homeless pets.

As I see it, the two major reasons for better laws to regulate breeding are to protect the dogs from cruelty and neglect and to shut down the puppy mills altogether. If this could happen across the country, there wouldn’t be as many homeless pets and the need for rescues would be, at least, somewhat reduced.

Anti-puppy mill legislation is about regulating breeding, not regulating the folks who rescue the dogs from the puppy mills. Making sure the rescue dogs are cared for is another area of concern.


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