Two old sayings that could stand to be dropped from the vernacular

I was reading an article this morning that used the term “kill two birds with one stone,” of course meaning to get two things done at one time.

The phrase is often used somewhat innocently¬† to get across this point. But can’t we come up with something better than suggesting the stoning death of birds as a way to describe multitasking?

And then there’s the phrase, “I don’t have a dog in that fight.” Or I’ve heard some people say, “I don’t have a dog in that race.” I think since the Michael Vick case, I haven’t heard the dog-in-the-fight phrase as often. I can’t use either phrase, because both highlight cruel industries where dogs are mistreated.

I remember a couple of times using the term, “I don’t have a hand in that card game” or something like that. Much better. (I mean ‘better’ as in not nearly as bad as the other – not meaning someone who bets.)

Maybe this is all too picky. Or maybe it isn’t. Let’s come up with more compassionate terms.

– Such as:

Drop two politicians with one vote. Plant two trees with one hole. Or – Fill two baskets with one apple tree.

And – I don’t have a bee in that hive. I don’t have an ant in the hill. I don’t have a boxer in that ring. Or – I don’t have a team in that playoff bracket. (Which is a good one for me, as I’m a fan of the KC Chiefs, Chicago Cubs and the KC Royals.)

You might have some better suggestions. Let’s see ’em ….

Or are there other old sayings we can do without?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Another horrible saying: more than one way to skin a cat


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