Headline: “Caged Chickens are Suffering”

A story posted Tuesday on TopNews.us touches on the topic of battery cages in egg-production facilities. The chickens in battery cages are suffering day after day, month after month and year after year. There can be no doubt this practice is animal cruelty.

And despite the defense from the industry, that the battery-cage system is safe and is not a threat to human health, I won’t be falling for that one.

The last paragraph in the TopNews story says it all:

“” However, one of the farmers said that the caged hens do not develop any disease, unless a ‘tragic’ illness spreads. She also added that the diseases are always under control.  “”

So the caged hens don’t have diseases until they develop diseases? Interesting. I guess the next time this person is pulled over by a police officer they’ll tell him they never speed, unless they exceed the speed limit.

So don’t worry everyone. The battery-cage egg producers have it “under control” – until a disease spreads. It’s like your doctor telling you that he guarantees you won’t get sick – until you get sick.

We guarantee our pill will make you lose weight if you eat two thousand fewer calories each day and exercise for two hours, seven days a week. BP is working on new practices to prevent future oil spills – on the moon.

But if past trends hold true, someone will read challenges such as this against battery cages and suggest we can’t speak out against the practice because we’ve never visited a factory farm that uses battery cages. My response to these folks is always something on the order of – none of us has been to the other planets in the solar system, but we know they exist.

And if the standard for speaking out against an industry or organization is first-hand observation, then I guess the folks who speak out against animal welfare groups will no longer speak out against them, unless they’ve worked for or have experience inside one the groups.

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