Pack of News – A.M. Edition

The news of the week is pilling up faster than dog hair on the sofa.

First up, the Fayetteville Observer reports code violations at the Robeson County (NC) Animal Shelter have it back in the headlines. In August, the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services noted “inadequate veterinary care, improperly storing food, untreated rodent infestations and overcrowding in cat cages” and more problems.

The shelter management had until today (Thursday) to respond.

A guest column posted on the Missourian website makes a number of great points on the issue of puppy mills and the ballot measure known as “Prop B.” Barbara Schmitz rightfully points out the currents laws and regulations are not enough to protect the dogs.

From the column – “‘”” In fact, many Missouri puppy mills have had their federal breeding licenses revoked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for repeated violations of the Animal Welfare Act, yet continue to operate under a Missouri state-issued license that allows them to sell their puppies directly to the public, typically over the Internet. “”

PETA has some undercover video alleging employees at a North Carolina research facility have been handling animals there “violently,” as reported Wednesday by the Associated Press.

The company in question tests animal products such as flea preventatives.


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