Update and a couple of morning news links

Sorry to be blog-deficient for the last couple of days. My computer has been acting up a bit and the sports-writing side of my gig has been really crazy for the last 48 hours.

Two new parks opened in my hometown in the last couple of weeks, one actually is a huge remodeling of an existing park. We’ve got a new five-field softball-baseball complex and a new tennis complex named after tennis great Althea Gibson. The tennis complex was built within a park that also features a walking trail and a good-size dog park.

On Saturday, for the grand opening of the tennis complex, I checked by on the dog park, which was populated by numerous puppies having a grand time.

Now on to the news –

The Guilford County (NC) Board of Commissioners will meet Thursday and on the schedule will be a discussion on changing the county’s animal control ordinances.

The new proposals could mean tougher regulations on large breeders, permit requirements for keeping “exotic animals” as pets, a ban on dangerous mammals as pets and an increase in penalties for animal cruelty.

Whole Foods is working a system of animal-welfare ratings for the products it sells. Signs in the stores would inform consumers with details about how the animals were raised. Another plan includes “a private-label line of vegan foods,” according to the FoodSafetyNews.com article.


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