New York puppy mill operator gasses his dogs

A reader sent me a link to this story posted Thursday on the Finger Lakes Times out of New York State.

A diagnosis of canine brucellosis led the breeder to gas 93 dogs at the facility. During the investigation, other violations were found, including “underweight dogs, dead puppies, feeding an undetermined product that resembled rabbit pellets, improper storage of feed and medications, dogs being fed from opened cans of dog food, overpowering odors from veal calves kept in an unclean area adjacent to the dogs and other poor hygiene practices,” – according to the Finger Lakes Times story.

This is yet an other example of why animal-welfare advocates have problems with mass-breeding operations and believe these facilities, along with all breeding, should be regulated. This breeder obviously did not have the staff or the wherewithall to care for that many dogs.

At minimum, there needs to be a caretaker-to-dog ratio established for mass breeders. There is no way two or three people – for example – can care for hundreds of dogs. They need regular exercise and health care and regular cleaning of their housing. Sure, these facilities can operate by leaving the dogs in cages 24/7. They can just stick an occasional bowl of food into cage with an occasional change of water.

But we can’t allow that kind of operation any longer.

If a breeder can’t offer regular exercise each day for each dog and clean food and water and regular vet care, that breeder needs to get out of the “business” or be forced out. It’s 2010 and we know more now about the intelligence of dogs, cats and other animals. We know they feel emotional pain and suffering.

To reach this point as a society and then allow this pain and suffering – is a tragedy. Now, our state and federal legislatures need to step into the 21st Century with the rest of us.

And then there is the issue of gassing, which is still going on in local shelters across the country. Again, because we know dogs and cats experience emotional pain and suffering, we must end this practice as well.


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