Solid editorial on Missouri’s Prop B (anti-puppy mill measure)

Barbara Schmitz of the Yes! on Prop B group in Missouri wrote a great editorial that ran Sunday on the Southeast Missourian website.

On of her primary points was that good breeders will not be adversely affected by the passage of Prop B, which sets standards of care for breeding dogs.

Naturally, several people posted comments against Schmitz’ editorial. And naturaly the arguments were full of holes. The best comment included a counter-argument to the person’s own argument.

First – “” Prop B aims to close down legitimate, licensed businesses that follow the law. “”

Then – “” Everything that you are saying above is already held to a higher standard by the licensed commercial breeders in our state. “”

So Prop B will close down breeders who already are held to higher standards than the regulations in the ballot measure? That’s like saying setting a maximum speed limit of 45 MPH on a street is designed to impose speeding tickets on those who drive 43 MPH and will do nothing to catch people who exceed the speed limit.

It must have taken some time to come up with that one.


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