And the first Warped Mentality of the Month Award goes to …

Let’s start a new award for what we find are examples of strangely warped thinking. Let’s call it the Warped Mentality Award.

The first award – for September – goes to the principal in New Zealand, a school that held a dead possum-tossing contest on September 12.

Okay, the possums were dead, but they were killed in a hunt just before the contest.

The story posted on the BBC News website reported the school principal “” said the event helped children engage with the outdoors and learn about humane ways of killing possums. “”

And – “” The school was in a rural farming area where most of the kids had a good understanding of life and death, he said, and it was about “letting kids be kids”. “”

Throwing around dead animals is engaging “with the outdoors” and learning about humane was to kill animals?” – Is that it?

And letting kids throw around dead animals is “letting kids be kids?”- Is that it?

I’ll steal the line from SNL’s Weekend Update – Really?


One response to this post.

  1. You know, as professional educators we have to say that sometimes our colleagues–who are also supposed to be professional educators by the way–embarrass the hell out of us and for the next month or so whenever anyone asks what we do we say we’re car mechanics.


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