Climate change debate is mostly all wrong

I keep seeing the topic of global climate change debated on cable network shows or in Internet comment debates or in dueling editorials. With a few exceptions, the main point is too often missed by both sides.

The focus is often too focused on temperature and canned slogans.

The global temperature has been rising and in some areas the impact is worse than in other areas. But where the mercury level happens to be is the symptom, the symptom of the disease. And the disease is pollution.

Cap and trade? I don’t know. How about this – Lets just stop polluting the planet. And while we’re at, let’s stop mowing down the rainforests and put the brakes on the deforestation across the globe. And stop using the Earth’s oceans like a massive toilet and city dump.

God created the oceans and the seas and rivers and streams and the forest – and he doesn’t appreciate us using these beautiful creations of nature as giant toilets. We can’t and shouldn’t callously destroy nature for greed.

Do any of the people who support this destruction ever look ahead? Can they see that the planet has a finite land mass? Can they see we can’t sustain this process? Can they look generations ahead and see what history will say about us? – That we put short-term profit ahead of EVERYTHING.

Sure, I’m a treehugger and I’m focused on what we’re doing to wildlife habitat. I see species falling off the face of the Earth because we’re polluting them to death and destroying their habitat at an alarming rate. Alarming is not a term strong enough to describe the process.

Do we care? Do we have enough people on this planet who care about anything other than money? Does it have to be ONLY about greed.

In fact, I stand corrected. The pollution is actually another serious symptom of the disease – and the disease is greed.


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