National Animal Control Association takes a stand against gas chambers

The National Animal Control Association (NACA) stepped forward recently with a policy statement that condemns the use of gas to euthanize dogs and cats. It is a great step and one I hope every shelter that is still using a gas chamber will follow.

The policy statement includes – “NACA considers lethal injection of sodium pentobarbital, administered by competent, trained personnel, to be the only method of choice utilized for humane euthanasia of animal shelter dogs and cats.”

And – “NACA condemns the use of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, argon, or anesthetic gases as well as physical methods such as electrocution, gunshot, and blunt force trauma for animal shelter euthanasia of dogs and cats.”

My Take – We know animals can suffer both mental and physical pain. This fact on its own should be enough to guide everyone to understand a gas chamber is NOT a humane method.

And the NACA is absolutely right in stating the use of lethal injection should be the ONLY method used in shelters – and in fact anywhere.

But again, I can’t post on this topic without stating my wish – that we reach a point where no homeless pets – other than those deemed to be suffering without a medical cure – are losing their lives in shelters.

This page from its website notes the American Veterinary Medical Association still deems the use of gas chamber to be acceptable. I couldn’t disagree more and I wish that if this is still true, the AVMA would reconsider this position, if only for the concerns I’ve stated noting our increased knowledge about self-awareness and state of consciousness in animals.


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