The front lines of animal welfare are within your county’s borders

Sure, there are a lot of national, regional and state-wide organizations that are working hard to change laws and make a difference for animals. But a story posted Tuesday on the Baldwin County Now website out of Alabama offers an example of what people at a local level can do.

The Daphne (Ala.) City Council President was quoted in the lead paragraph and in it suggests he is an animal lover and wants to do more. He was speaking out at a meeting where local citizens want to pressure elected officials to enact better laws to combat animal cruelty.

The proposals on the table for the state legislature are increased penalties for cockfighting, a felony dog fighting bill, a ban on gas chambers in animal shelters and increasing the requirements to become an animal control officer.

The people gathered at this meeting in a local county in Alabama are putting their passions to work. They are trying to make a difference and let’s hope the state’s elected officials listen to them and act on their proposals.


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