Examples of how current puppy mill regulations are failing

The News-Herald out of Northern Ohio ran a piece Monday concerning the Department of Agriculture’s failures on regulating puppy mills.

The examples cited in the story show how repeat puppy mill offenders have been allowed to continue to operate, despite serious and repeated violations. We must change the mentality in our laws, the enforcement of those laws and increase the penalties that are handed out. We must come to an understanding that acts of cruelty against animals should not be tolerated.

It time for our laws to firmly set standards – to a degree that clearly makes a statement that those who comment acts of cruelty will be severely punished and not be allowed to continue to make money off their cruel actions – period.

Sure, in theses cases the enforcement simply stunk, but the regulations are so weak as to allow for repeat after repeat after repeat violations. We need stronger regulations that set guideline that do not allow inspectors to walk away from repeat violations or give the violators a little tap on the wrist for torturing and severely neglecting animals.

And then there is this statement from Barbara Schmitz, campaign manager for Missourians for the Protection of Dogs/ YES! on Prop B, posted Media-Newswire.com. The statement is in response to the rescue of more than 100 recently from two Missouri puppy mills.


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