Animal Welfare on the ballot in Missouri

An interesting article made its way to the Pack News Wire yesterday – one that presents opposing viewpoints about the anti-puppy mill ballot measure in Missouri.

Once again we’re hearing a particularly weak argument from those opposing better legislation to protect dogs in puppy mills – one noted in this South County Times Online story as suggesting Proposition B will “put legitimate breeding operations out of business.”

Breeders who already offer their dogs regular exercise, proper housing and regular veterinary care – the “legitimate” breeders – will have nothing to fear from the minimum standards set forth in this proposal in Missouri.

And then we have a great point made from one person quoted in the story, noting those who defend the humane treatment of animals run across the political boundaries.

Ellen Cox was quoted as saying –

“” I don’t see this as a right or left political issue. I see this as about acting humane. This is about the torture of God’s creatures. And I am not an animal extremist. “”
But one elected official – Rep. Rick Stream, R-Kirkwood – states in the story, “” It’s my feeling that more law in this area may hurt legitimate breeders and will do nothing to address the dog breeders who are the problem. “”
Again, this non-argument is regularly tossed out with no basis in reality. It’s like saying speed limits will hurt those who drive on or under the limit and will do nothing to penalize people who speed. It’s a nonsensical argument.
But I can see people coming up with nonsensical arguments against this legislation because there are no reasonable arguments against it. Those opposing it have to throw something out there – I guess – in their desperation.
Also – I’ll admit I’m a little touchy on this topic but I think the headline to the South County Times story – “”

Prop. B On Nov. 2 Ballot Turning Into Real Dog Fight “” – is somewhat distasteful.


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