A scathing counter-argument to the Michael Vick debate

In an editorial posted Saturday on the Opposing Views website, one writer offered up a very pointed response to a column written by ESPN columnist Bill Simmons.

Apparently Simmons wants to forgive Michael Vick for his cruel, dog-fighting past. But Michael Flood McNulty will have none of it. I basically agree with McNulty, who at one point in his piece states – “” We can still watch him play. But this immediate “joy” you’re feeling for the guy seems misguided. Forgiveness is one thing, but it comes over time. “”

And then there’s McNulty’s response to Simmons excusing Vick’s dog fighting because other acts of cruelty are being inflicted on other animals.

McNulty – “” A weak argument. It’s like telling a cop who pulls you over for going 90 mph in a 40-mph zone: “Hey officer, speeding isn’t worse than stealing money from banks, right? So forgive me.” “”

I like that counter-argument.

I’ve tried to stay out of the Vick story of late. I had my say a time or two on the subject. He did not serve enough time for the crimes he committed.

I know people can change and those people can serve as positive examples. But I’d prefer kids see role models who do the right thing from the start. Let’s focus on the pro athletes who from the beginning of their careers have given back to their communities or have worked to make life better for homeless animals or the less fortunate among us.

I hope Vick is on the right track. But he is getting a lot of premature press for turning his life around and playing well over a couple of games. Why aren’t we seeing more stories about players who volunteer their time in causes from domestic violence to cancer research to stopping animal cruelty?


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  1. Posted by joanne on October 5, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Michael Vick has done NOTHING to mend any of the pain and suffering he caused except what the court ordered him to do. What sickens me the most about Michael Vick is that he has the potential to change a lot of lives – to help kids that look up to him get on the right path and NOT the path that he chose. Has he made any attempt at all to do that ? Not that I have seen. He was lucky enough to get a a second chance with the Philadelphia Eagles , so how about doing something postive with that second chance ??


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