Report: AKC turns away homeless dogs from NYC event

Earlier today I received a press release from that included the statement – “” The American Kennel Club has rejected a request from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals to allow dogs and puppies from local NYC animal rescue groups and shelters to stage an adoption event in the same building as the AKC’s “Meet the Breeds.” “”

The AKC is holding an event called – AKC & Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) “Meet the Breeds.”

The release continued –

“” “”

For the past seven years, through its strong relationship with CFA, the Mayor’s Alliance has held its hugely successful collaborative Adopt A Cat event in tandem with the CFA’s New York City Cat Show at Madison Square Garden. These events have resulted in hundreds of homeless cats and kittens, both pure and random bred, finding loving homes.

In 2009, when CFA’s usual location at Madison Square Garden underwent renovations, CFA partnered with the AKC to present a combined dog-and-cat event, “Meet the Breeds,” at the Javits Center. Continuing its tradition of including adoptable cats at the event, CFA invited the Mayor’s Alliance to hold its cat adoption event at the Javits Center. At that time, the AKC nixed the idea of including adoptable dogs and puppies – pure bred or otherwise – at the event. So the adoption event featured only cats and kittens.

This year, the AKC – having already reserved space at the Javits Center and thereby having refusal rights for any other incoming “competitive” events – again banned adoptable dogs from the premises and further, prohibited adoptable cats and kittens from being in the same building! If the Mayor’s Alliance were to stage a cat adoption event, it would have to be in a completely separate building on the edge of the Javits complex, thus depriving the homeless cats and kittens any benefit of the presence of hundreds of animal enthusiasts at the “Meet the Breeds” event.

“” “”

And this quote –

“” “I find it incomprehensible that an organization comprised of people who purport to be dog lovers would object to offering homeless dogs and puppies – many of whom are pure breeds – and homeless cats and kittens an opportunity to find loving homes,” said Jane Hoffman, President of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, in a letter to AKC leadership. “Does the AKC feel threatened by the presence of these homeless dogs because they represent the heartbreaking consequence of irresponsible breeding?” “”

With the AKC fighting to stop improved anti-puppy mill regulations in various states and now this alleged rejection of homeless pets – from even being in the same building – it doesn’t look good for the organization.

For more from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals on this topic, go here.

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  1. Posted by Sandra B. on October 11, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Shame, shame, shame on the American Kennel Club! Shame on the AKC!


  2. […] me, what has the AKC ever done for rescue dogs? Acknowledged the breed specific rescue groups? Report: AKC turns away homeless dogs from NYC event PACK MENTALITY __________________ Mom to Anabelle, 8 (?) year old rescued basset lady and Harley, 10 year old […]


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