Florida puppy store owner changed with 26 counts of animal cruelty

The St. Petersburg Times and WTSP.com are reporting a puppy store owner in Florida was arrested Sunday on 26 counts of animal cruelty.

The dogs were reportedly filthy and had no food or water.

A few of the comments under the Times story are unbelievable at best –

—  “” Pet shop animals might come from puppy mills, but shelter animals come from animal abusers and abandoners. Most of them are pit bull or chow mixes that would rather eat your child than play with it. “”

How wrong can one person be? The only thing in this statement based in fact are the first eight words. The rest of it is garbage.

And then the same guy posted this –

“” If you want a specific kind of dog, you will not have any luck at the pound, SPCA, or humane society. I wanted a dog under 15 pounds – guess what – had to buy one from Petland. I tried for over a year to adopt one, but all they have are large dogs – mostly pit bulls.
Pet stores perform a valuable service. “”

Wrong, wrong, wrong. This guy might have gone somewhere looking for a dog, but it wasn’t a shelter with homeless dogs.


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