Why is profit more important than compassion?

There are debates ongoing across the country on several animal-welfare fronts, including but not limited to greyhound racing and puppy mills. Within these two particular debates is an on-going theme from one side – support for the notion that it is fine for dogs, in these cases, to be caged 24/7 or nearly 24/7 when used to support these industries.

I’ve noted before that no breeder worth their weight in pet food would ever suggest to a customer that they should cage their new puppy 24/7 (for weeks and months to years) or even for 20 hours each day – and to rarely if ever offer it veterinary care or clean food and water.

Yet, when us animal welfare folks push even just for regular exercise time for puppy mill dogs or that racing greyhounds should not be caged for so long each day, the other side has the hair raise up on the back of its collective neck.

So I ask the following questions –

Why should breeding dogs or greyhounds live in a way no sane person would ever wish for their pets?

Why are so many great breeders taking such great care of their breeding dogs, while treating them like family pets – while others have to cage their breeding dogs 24/7?

There are a number of reasons why the greyhound racing industry needs to be completely shut down – terrible breeding practices, injuries, deaths of thousands each year that don’t make the grade, etc … But why can’t the dogs at least live with families?

I know the answer to each question. – Profit margins are more important than animal welfare for some. Money trumps compassion.

For the compassionate among us, some things are more important than money.


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