And speaking of basic standards of care for animals …

There have been a few comments coming in under the post “Even more on Missouri’s Prop B anti-puppy mill ballot measure.”

We’ve discussed the contents of Missouri’s ballot measure, Prob B and why we need such standards as basic veterinary care, exercise and access to the outdoors for playtime.

Well …. then …. I find this editorial – titled “Our dogs deserve basic care” – posted on and written by Kathryn W. Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri and Connie Medling, a veterinarian for the Humane Society of Missouri.

The writers rightfully note the minimum guidelines set forth in Prop B.

And they write this –

“” In our experience, the state’s current laws are not enough to end this criminal treatment of dogs used for commercial breeding. As a regular partner with local law enforcement agencies to investigate cases of animal abuse and cruelty, we know Proposition B will give law enforcement the additional tools they need to enforce these new, very clear and basic standards of care. “”

There you have it. Current laws are not enough. The suffering goes on. And I’ve read reports from other states, where local law enforcement agencies are asking for better laws to combat cruelty and puppy mills.

It’s long past time for our laws to catch up with the science and with our understanding of animals, their level of cognition and self-awareness.


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