Links-A-Lot: Prop B in Missouri, mistreatment of racing dogs in WV

Lots of stuff hitting the Pack News Wire – from support and opposition to Prop B in Missouri to alleged cruel acts against racing dogs in West Virginia.

Let’s start with Prop B – – Headline: “Yes on Proposition B.” Quote – “” But it isn’t only the Humane Society that has provided evidence of the need for tougher regulations. The Better Business Bureau of Eastern Missouri issued a report last spring that documented scores of unresolved consumer complaints about Missouri dog breeders. “”

Cardinal manager Tony La Russa offers his support for Prop B –

Probably THE best editorial I read on the subject appears on the site as a letter to the editor from Mary Bischoff of West Plains, Mo., titled – “Prop B is not a sinister plot.”

Highlights –

“” A recent poll indicated that almost 90% of Missourians are in favor of the protections in Prop. B., which is also supported by several national animal welfare organizations besides the HSUS. “”

“” Yes, Missouri already has the 1992 Animal Care Facilities Act (ACFA), but it is outdated, vague, and ineffective, and does not reflect how the American public thinks dogs should be treated. Specifically it does not limit the size of breeding facilities, and it allows dogs to be confined to small, stacked, wire cages with minimal exercise or protection from the elements, and inadequate vet care. “”

On the Maryville Daily Forum, we have a headline – “Local vets voice opposition to Prop B.” A veterinarian was interviewed for the piece, which includes the following –

“” Hayse said the problem from a humane treatment standpoint is unlicensed breeding facilities, commonly called puppy mills, but that Proposition B will only hinder properly licensed facilities by forcing them to comply with already strict guidelines.”

Once again, we have someone who doesn’t understand that laws such as this are meant to go after people who don’t follow the law – licensed or unlicensed.

On the greyhound racing front, there’s this story on incidents of greyhound abuse reported in West Virginia.


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