Woman charged with animal cruelty for draging dog outside of car

Just when we think we’ve read it all …

A woman in Maryland has pleaded guilty on animal cruelty charges and has been fined $1,000 and ordered to pay for the medical bills for her boyfriend’s dog. Why? – because she was dragging the dog along outside of her moving car because she told an officer it was too dirty to ride inside her nice clean vehicle.

Yes, according to story posted on APP.com, she told the police the dog was too muddy to put in her car. The dog had run away from home earlier in the day and when she found it, she held the leash out the door and drove home. The dog was bloodied and its front shoulder was injured.

The woman reportedly got upset and sped up when witnesses began honking at her to get her attention.

I’ve heard people try to suggest animals should not have any rights under our legal system because they supposedly can’t reason or think on a human level. Well … if human reasoning skill is the threashold for the application of rights, then in this case ….


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