November 2 draws closer for Missouri Prop B vote

I know I’m hammering on this issue of the anti-puppy mill ballot measure in Missouri – aka Proposition B. But more news links keep poring in on the issue and I keep reading these off-the-wall statements from those opposing the measure.

Thankfully, the vote comes in less than one week. Hopefully, the voters in Missouri will vote yes on Prop B. I think this will be a good gauge for where the animal welfare movement stands.

Pet Product News ran a piece Tuesday on its website noting the opposition from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

Quote – “” “Substandard breeders are not going to be brought into compliance by imposing new, excessive requirements,” PIJAC stated in the PetAlert. “They already break the law and will continue doing so.” “”

Okay, let’s go over this one more time. All laws designed to stop a particular practice or behavior are in place to stop those who are engaged in these activities. To suggest a law or regulation should not be enacted because people will break the enacted law is illogical on a higher level.

The point of having stronger and better regulations against puppy mills is that current laws are too weak and offer no real punishment for offenders. And, many of the current anti-cruelty laws on the books across the country were enacted long ago. We know much more now about animal cognition and self-awareness and we know for example that dogs should not be caged 24/7 to be nothing more than breeding machines.

It’s not right. Better regulations should be enacted all across the nation.

And from the website out of Springfield, Mo., we have the headline – “Is current puppy mill law enough.”


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