20 racing greyhounds found dead at Florida dog-racing track

A greyhound trainer faces charges of animal cruelty after at least 20 dogs were found dead at Ebro Greyhound Park in Florida. Suspicions arose after underweight dogs were turned over to a rescue organization, according to a story posted Saturday on the Walton Sun website.

One glaring problem with the story is the notion that greyhounds are moved from track to track or sent to rescue groups, with no mention of the thousands that die each year in racing.

But it certainly, provides another piece of evidence that should lead to the complete shutdown of greyhound racing everywhere.

But not everyone agrees. I found a letter to the editor on the Dubuque Telegraph Herald website out of Iowa.

The writer asks – “If problems exist in how animals are treated, why don’t we upgrade regulations and enforcement?” And he doesn’t like the idea of shutting down ” … one of the state’s most exciting and unique forms of entertainment, just so a couple of activist groups can raise their profiles?”

Upgrade regulations and enforcement? The industry would strongly resist this effort – especially from any outside agency. And certainly the industry would resist any efforts to allow the dogs far more time outside of the cages.

And would any of this stop the over-breeding of greyhounds in the endless effort to find only the best racers? Would it stop the deaths of thousands of racing dogs each year? Would it stop the other side of the cycle, where the industry is dumping dogs off on rescue groups to add to the already terrible homeless numbers of all dogs across the country?

And calling greyhound racing an “exciting and unique form of entertainment” is a sad statement at best, when we consider dogs are dying by the thousands each year and face terrible injuries on the track so that a few people can be entertained.


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  1. Posted by Beth on November 2, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    I would to see the man who hurts these dogs left in a cage with a muzzle on for a long period of time. People who hurt or neglect animals are the scum of the earth. Now I don’t know whether to support dog racing by going anymore or not…I had never heard of this before…:(


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