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Dog trainer writes about avoiding Internet puppy purchases

I found an editorial titled “Ask the Dog Trainer – Internet puppies” – on out of Florida. In the piece, the trainer notes some of the pitfalls of buying puppies online – including acquiring dogs with behavioral or physical problems.

She reports on one buyer who was not allowed to see the parent dogs at the breeder’s house. The dog was purchased at far less than 8 weeks and old and now has what she describes as a “variety of behavioral issues.”

I wish the editorial had included a push for adopting from shelters, but the overall message is a good one.

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Susie’s Law to take effect Wednesday

Susie’s Law will officially be the law of the land in North Carolina beginning Wednesday (Dec. 1).

In severe cases, even first convictions for animal cruelty can now lead to jail time under Susie’s Law, which was named for dog in Greensboro, NC that was found badly burned and beaten. Susie’s attacker got only probation for the cruel and vicious attack.

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Britons have a high level of concern for animal welfare

The Guardian recently reported on the results of a European Union survey covering topics ranging from the welfare of farm animals to concerns for food safety.

From the Guardian article – “” More than two-thirds of Britons are worried over animal welfare, up on 2005, but they trail Swedes, Portuguese, Finns, Lithuanians and Italians on this issue. “”

Now these concerns for animals need to be translated into a push for better regulations and an outright ban, for example, on greyhound racing in the UK.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From our furry family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of the animal lovers I’ve met through this blog and through its companion Facebook page.

I’m thankful in knowing the movement to make life better for animals – for companion animals and for wildlife – is growing.

Hopefully, we’ll see a growing level of success in the coming months and years.

Video: ‘It’s Cool to Adopt’

“It’s Cool to Adopt” – a video produced by Monty’s Home (in Southeastern North Carolina) and New Hanover County TV – in association with New Hanover County Animal Control Services is up on YouTube.

The mission is to promote pet adoption. Visit for more information.

Spread the word about this video. It contains a really great message.

Texas Farm Bureau rails against the Humane Society for evidence it uncovered

A spokesman for the Texas Farm Bureau is speaking out against the Humane Society of the United States after the organization released video of horrible conditions at a large egg-production facility in Texas.

Mike Barnett, the publications director for the Texas Farm Bureau was quoted in a story posted on

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Report: Iceland’s whalers have killed over 200 this year

Care 2 reports whalers from Iceland have killed 148 endangered fin whales and 60 minke whales this year.

And of course, there is a humane, alternative industry to whaling – tourism. Yet the killing goes on.

Care 2 notes in its writeup to promote a petition drive – “” Whale watching generates more than $15 million a year for coastal communities in Iceland – a humane, sustainable and profitable alternative to whaling. “”

It is inexcusable to torture intelligent beings such as whales in this way. But to kill endangered species for greed is especially evil. The nation of Iceland should be ashamed that it supports this industry.


Regulate ‘penned hunts?’ – No, ban them outright

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission is considering new regulations on hunting within fenced facilities, where coyotes or foxes are released for dogs to chase – as a so-called training exercises for the hunting dogs.

In story posted recently on the Herald Argus website, La Porte resident Laura Nirenberg is quoted as saying, “This is not hunting, this is not predatory control, this is state sanctioned dog fighting.”

Defenders of the practice try to suggest the dogs are called off before killing the fox or coyote.

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US Senate joins House in passing ban on ‘crush videos’

The bill to ban crush videos now moves to President Obama’s desk for his signature. This was an issue that brought – thankfully – both sides of the political field together. This needed to be done and needed swift action after the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down the previous legislation that some justices claimed was too wide-reaching.

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Undercover video from Texas farm makes the case for cage-free eggs

It’s long past time to go back to cage free – yes back to cage free – for our eggs in this country. And the Humane Society of the United States has released another key piece of evidence to prove it.

This time, it’s a farm in Texas that CNN reports is “operated by the largest egg producer in the United States.”

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