The tally went down to the wire last night, but Missouri’s Proposition B passed by a vote of 51.6 to 48.4 percent: YES – 993,860 to No – 933,540. Prop B will set standards of care such as allowing access to the outside, regular veterinary care and larger cage sizes, and it bans the use of wire flooring and stacked cages.

I wish we could get a vote like this now every state where breeding regulations are weak and puppy mills are operating.

I was following the lead-up to this vote with great interest and with a lot of posts and links here, because I felt it could be a gauge to where the animal-welfare movement is. Do I wish the vote was a landslide? – Yes. But a win is a win and last night the domestic animal of Missouri got a win.

It’s great to see because animal issues don’t always come out on top and to date they haven’t seen enough on the victory side.

Look for more coming up in Pack Mentality on this topic as reaction comes in.


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  1. It is truly a miracle that this law passed. (I don’t pray often, but I prayed before I went to sleep that this managed to pass, because when I went to bed, it was not looking good for passage of the bill.) Agricultural interests rule the state, including (unfortunately) some of our vet associations. There were so many outright lies, including lies from vets. It was very frustrating for those of us “on the ground” who were making calls, handing out information, trying to let people know what was REALLY in the bill. I just hope our legislature doesn’t find a way to overturn it. Thanks for all you do to educate people about animal rights and legislation.


    • Posted by Tom Grady on November 4, 2010 at 12:50 pm

      I was really pulling for this one.
      And it was troubling what some veterinarians were stating about Prop B.
      How can a veterinarian really think mother dogs would go from a warm “den” to the outside in freezing weather to give birth? And how can they think that a good breeder would allow this?
      That side was so desperate for this to fail that they were willing to say anything.

      If I found out our vet was against passage of anti-puppy mill legislation, I would quickly pull our files and transfer to another vet.


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