Some Missouri legislators reportedly looking to weaken Prop B

Just days after the people of Missouri voted, by state law, to shut down puppy mills with stronger breeding regulations in the state, some individuals in the state legislature are looking for ways to overturn the will of the people there.

An editorial on the Kansas City Star website rightfully points out – “” With the very suggestion, they signal their disrespect for the state, its voters and the democratic process. “”

And – “” Some Republican lawmakers, placing the wishes of outraged breeders and agricultural groups over what’s best for Missouri, say they’ll use their legislative majorities to undo the vote. “””

The editorial suggest some in the legislature believe a primary reason to overturn the vote is the measure failed in 100 out of 114 counties in the state. The last time I checked, all voters have an equal vote in the United States. One vote carries as much weight as the next, as in ‘one person, one vote.’ Where you live should not matter.
It’s like saying four counties in the state don’t count. These representatives are telling the citizens in four counties that their votes should be tossed out because of where they live. Talk about stepping all over the Constitution.
The question the Missouri media should directly ask these representatives is – Should where you live matter in how much your vote counts?
But this is really about something else. Once again, power brokers are trying to push profit ahead of compassion. Typically, where there are big donors and the elite pulling political strings, it usually spells bad news for citizens, animals and the environment.

I believe with so many people in the country now with pets and with animal welfare gaining greater prominence, animal lovers make up one of the largest voting blocks of the population. Look at the Missouri vote. In an election with a large voter turnout, animals won in the state. I think in another sense, the result shows compassion for animals crosses all political boundaries.

Everyone in Missouri needs to consider the consequences of this possible action. What if this was another issue on the ballot that passed that was extremely important to you? Would you want the vote overturned by elected officials with a political agenda counter to what you voted for?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by steve on November 12, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    The sad thing about all of this and the thing that really needs to be addressed is why are some of these ballet measures so decieving. I try to look at both sides of an issue before I say anything as I found out along time ago there are two sides to every story. And I can guarantee you I am glad I did my homework on this. Anyone that hasn’t looked up the current regs, and takes these peoples word for it that Prop. b is going to be the savior of the dogs in these puppymills. Well howabout some oceanfront property in Tn. People are getting fighting mad about the big stur about people wanting to overturn it, 101 out of 114 counties voted it down, Dosen’t that seem kind of strange, Dosen’t that deserve a little research with an open mind . Maybe just maybe after checking out as Paul Harvey used to say the rest of the story the ones of you that voted yes because of the news media or because of multimillon dollar not for profit org’s says this or says that. I can guarantee the ones that voted no read the whole thing, This includes the part that WAS NOT on the ballet. Can you( that are so mad about these people trying to protect their rights), say the same. But whats new there was a bill just passed called healthcare and most people still dosen’t know and dosen’t understand whats in it.
    Yes I am glad I did my homework and for all the people that are going to be affected by this Bill, All I can say is I AM SORRY, This Bill Never should have been allowed to recieve signatures to get on the ballet. ( If you are wondering why I say this do your home work)


  2. Posted by Susan on November 16, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Prop B isn’t about healthcare and it isn’t about people. Its is about animal welfare and their right to be treated humanely while being held as a ” captive audience” to breed continuously so their human captors can make money. Prop B is not about people’s rights. Prop B is not going to free dogs in puppy mills. Unfortunately, it’s not going to put an end to puppy mills. It will only require them to have the basics of life, adequate space to move, food, water, exercise and medical care at least once a year. This bill not require the breeders to socialize them or touch them or provide them with love and attention, just the basics of life. Prop B is not about people’s rights. It is about animal rights.
    THIS IS STILL A DEMOCRACY AND THE MAJORITY RULES. Look that up in your homework!


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