A Pack of Links – from pet store puppies to puppy mills to political action in Alabama

Lets pack together some news from over the last couple of days. These stories involve banning pet store puppy sales in a town in Canada, a buyer beware feature on purchasing puppies and a story about an animal-welfare political action committee forming in Alabama.

First, the PAC – the other kind of pack – in Alabama. The Anniston Star reports on the formation of AVRAL (Alabama Voters for Responsible Animal Legislation). Its first goal is ban the use of gas chambers in “animal facilities.” AVRAL will also focus on the development of low-cost spay/neuter clinics and to strengthen laws against animal cruelty and neglect.

The organization’s website is www.alabamavotesforanimals.org.

Province.com reports Richmond could be the first city in Canada to ban the sale of puppies in pet stores.
And Ed Boks of the Yavapai Humane Society out of Arizona warns the puppy mill industry will go on until people stop buying from pet stores, over the Internet and through newspaper ads.

In an editorial posted on the Prescott Daily Courier website, Bok uses six points to separate fact from fiction – including No. 6 “” Purebred ‘papers’ do not guarantee the quality of the breeder or the dog. Even the American Kennel Club (AKC) admits that it “cannot guarantee the quality or health of dogs in its registry. “”


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