Missouri representative wants to drastically weaken Prop B

A Missouri representative in the state legislature (and I use the term ‘representative’ loosely here) wants to drastically alter the vote of the people in his state. He wants the legally passed, anti-puppy mill Prob B gutted.

Rep. Ed Schieffer is apparently not too familiar with the Constitution and what the term ‘state-wide vote’ means. He believes that votes should be weighed based on where the voters live. He believes a state-wide vote should be decided NOT by a one-person, one-vote system, but on a county-versus-county basis – or win the most counties, win the vote.

Even though there is no legal basis for his desire, he wants to personally set aside the Constitution of the United States and the laws of his state. The vote didn’t go his way and didn’t go the way his buddies wanted it to go. So he wants to impose the will of a group of breeders on the people of his state.

I would bet the house that if his side won the total vote, but lost the county-by-county tally, he’d be suggesting the total vote was the only way to go. And would tell anyone suggesting otherwise they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

Maybe if a State House vote on a bill barely passes and Schieffer casts the deciding vote, he’ll be okay with those opposing the bill tossing his vote out because of where he lives.

Are we going to let the powerful decide when the people’s vote doesn’t count? That’s how Schieffer wants the system to work.



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