Daily Show exposes opponents of Missouri’s Prop B

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In a way that only the Daily Show can, opponents of Missouri’s Prop B (the anti-puppy mill ballot measure) are exposed in this video as being somewhat misguided.

When one individual interviewed for the piece tries to compare stacking cages in a puppy mill with people being stacked over each other in apartment buildings, the interviewer seems shocked. She’s looking to produce funny lines for the segment but seems genuinely surprised that something so off the wall – even for the Daily Show – is tossed in her lap.

The message is this – When one side has no cogent or logical arguments to defend their position, they have to make stuff up. I mean, come on, I guess they have to say something.

And who was it who excused puppy mills by comparing the stacking of cages – where the dogs above rain feces down on the dogs below – with apartment complexes? – It was Anita Andrews – the director of an organization known as the Alliance for Truth. No – I’m not making this up. Watch the video.

Andrews would have been better off to simply state that she thought it was okay to stack cages in puppy mills. But in pulling this apartment-building comparison from her hither region, she might as well be carrying a sign that says, “I’ve got nothing and I frequently finish last in arguments with second graders.”

I found the video and analysis on the blog section of The Pitch.com.


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