Ohio could be next for a ballot measure to protect companion animals

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions has been continuing its work to gather the required signatures to place a measure on the state’s ballot next year.

A story posted Sunday on the News-Herald website out of Ohio reports that if passed, the regulations will include –

“” “”

– “Make it unlawful for any person to auction or raffle a dog within Ohio for any purpose.”

– “Prohibit bringing into the state for purposes of sale or trade a dog acquired through an auction or raffle in another jurisdiction.”

– Give the Ohio attorney general “authority to investigate, conciliate and prosecute alleged violations” and also “bring a civil action” against any violator.

– Create a new state law to make any violator face a minor misdemeanor for a first conviction and face a fourth-degree misdemeanor for each subsequent violation.

“” “”

The final deadline for filing the required minimum of 120,600 signatures is December 31, so the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is in the homestretch on its mission. Let’s hope the voters of Ohio follow the lead from Missouri’s recent vote on Prop B.


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  1. Please do this.


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