Undercover video from Texas farm makes the case for cage-free eggs

It’s long past time to go back to cage free – yes back to cage free – for our eggs in this country. And the Humane Society of the United States has released another key piece of evidence to prove it.

This time, it’s a farm in Texas that CNN reports is “operated by the largest egg producer in the United States.”

From the CNN story – “The video shows dead birds, birds stuck in their cages, overcrowding and what appears to be hens covered in feces. At one point the video shows a dead bird as eggs roll by just inches away on a conveyor belt.”

The Daily Mail out of the UK posted a statement from Cal-Maine Foods

“” “”

It said: ‘Cal-Maine Foods has been a leader in accepting and implementing animal welfare measures.

‘All of the Company’s facilities are operated in full compliance with existing environmental, health and safety laws and regulations and permits.

“” “”
Obviously, there is a lack of understanding on this company’s part as to the meaning of the phrases “animal welfare” and “health and safety.” Let’s be clear that stuffing the chickens into cages to live unable to move around at all is a horrible thing to do.
The ABC News report includes –
“” A five-minute video produced by the group shows hens confined in overcrowded cages with rotting corpses, dead and injured birds trapped in cages, eggs covered in feces, and escaped hens floating in manure pits. “”
This battery-cage farming is not some sort of tradition to be preserved. The system used to be cage-free and free-roaming and we need to go back to that system.  If we need to pay more for eggs, so be it. There are eggs available that are produced by companies using free-roaming hens. These eggs are not that much more expensive.
Some will claim gloom and doom if farms are forced to go cage-free. But isn’t this America, where innovation is part of our history? Yes.
And it should NOT be America – where profit is king and where companies are too lazy and greedy to do the right thing.

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