Regulate ‘penned hunts?’ – No, ban them outright

The Indiana Natural Resources Commission is considering new regulations on hunting within fenced facilities, where coyotes or foxes are released for dogs to chase – as a so-called training exercises for the hunting dogs.

In story posted recently on the Herald Argus website, La Porte resident Laura Nirenberg is quoted as saying, “This is not hunting, this is not predatory control, this is state sanctioned dog fighting.”

Defenders of the practice try to suggest the dogs are called off before killing the fox or coyote.

In another story on we have the following –

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But animal-rights activists say that more often than not, bloodthirsty hunters have stood by and watched while their dogs ripped the coyote to shreds.”Their only interest is in seeing their dogs kill coyotes,” said CeAnn Lambert, who runs a coyote rescue center in Burlington. “Some dogs are used only to track coyotes and flush them out. I call those ethical hunters.”

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It’s time to ban this sort of canned hunting, be it for training, for sick jollies or when conducted by people who need another “hobby.”


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  1. Posted by D Gary Grady on November 21, 2010 at 3:51 am

    This is very similar to fox hunting in Britain, where it was similarly often claimed that the dogs did not actually kill the fox being chased. Fox hunting was outlawed in England and Wales in beginning in 2005 following a vote of the Scottish parliament a few years earlier. Despite this the practice continues illegally.


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