US Senate joins House in passing ban on ‘crush videos’

The bill to ban crush videos now moves to President Obama’s desk for his signature. This was an issue that brought – thankfully – both sides of the political field together. This needed to be done and needed swift action after the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down the previous legislation that some justices claimed was too wide-reaching.

The Associated Press notes – “” The more narrowly crafted bill going to the White House makes it a crime to sell or distribute videos that violate bans on animal cruelty. This includes showing animals being burned, drowned, suffocated or impaled. “”

I was worried that the Congress would go too far the other way and craft this bill with a very narrow focus. But while the laws need to be stronger against animal cruelty across the board, this seems to be a step back to the right direction.


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  1. Posted by Kathryn on November 20, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Thank GOD! About darn time!


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