Dog trainer writes about avoiding Internet puppy purchases

I found an editorial titled “Ask the Dog Trainer – Internet puppies” – on out of Florida. In the piece, the trainer notes some of the pitfalls of buying puppies online – including acquiring dogs with behavioral or physical problems.

She reports on one buyer who was not allowed to see the parent dogs at the breeder’s house. The dog was purchased at far less than 8 weeks and old and now has what she describes as a “variety of behavioral issues.”

I wish the editorial had included a push for adopting from shelters, but the overall message is a good one.

It is also interesting to note that it shoots down the case some people try to make against adopting from shelters – the idea that people should buy puppies because then they know what they’re getting.

It is actually more likely that we know what we’re getting when we adopt. The shelter workers and the rescue volunteers often have a pretty good idea about the personality and any physical problems of the dogs and cats under their care.

And I’m reminded that I don’t make another point often enough – that puppies should not leave their mothers and siblings before at least 10 weeks of age, if not longer.


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