Accusations of animal welfare violations levied against MPI Research

The group Stop Animal Exploitation is filing an official complaint with the USDA against MPI Research out of Michigan, according to a story posted on

From the article –

“” The group collected the records between 2004 and 2009. They show various injuries to research animals, including broken bones, severed toes, dislocation of limbs and even death. “”

This is another area where better protections need to be in place for the animals. MPI Research is stating the USDA has inspected its facility numerous times, yet we see an outside group is finding violations. IF we could pull similarities here with puppy mills, we could fear inspectors are skimming over violations or are allowing violations to go unpunished.

One question the media needs to ask of both MPI and the USDA is – Are the inspections announced or unannounced?

And of course, we know in too many cases animal testing is totally unnecessary and in other cases far too repetitive on products where the results of the testing are already known.


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