Greyhound injuries at West Virginia track on the rise despite ‘renovations’

The Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack in West Virginia underwent renovations recently, supposedly to cut down on the number of injuries the greyhounds face in races there.

Well … , as is the case always where animals are exploited for profit, this project hasn’t worked out so good for the dogs. The Charleston Daily Mail reports injuries increased in the weeks after the renovations were completed.

Track officials apparently stated they wanted to make the track safer for its “star athletes.” Really? They call them star athletes? Dogs that are crammed into cages for over 20 hours each day are your “star athletes?” Dogs that are forced to face these odds of injury and death each time on the track are your “star athletes?” Dogs that are killed by the thousands each year or are tossed aside like a broken toaster are your “star athletes?”

Prior to the work, an average of 27 dogs per month were injured and the rate was on the rise. After the work, between September 18 and the end of October, the number of injuries jumped to 41.

From the story – “” At least 22 of those injuries involved broken legs, the records show. Four dogs had injuries so severe that they had to be euthanized. “”

And then we have this – “” Lori Bohenko is the state veterinarian at the Wheeling track. She said the uptick in injuries in October and late September was expected, but that the figures for November show promise that injuries are now on the decline. “”

This incredible statement comes from a veterinarian who has taken an oath to protect and heal animals. She expected an increase in injuries and did nothing to prevent it. She knows dogs are being injured in races and face death, yet she fails to speak out against it?

If injuries of this sort were occuring in a neighborhood or at dog shows or even at a puppy mill (where the laws are still far too weak), law enforcement would be called in to shut down the operation and/or charge the folks involved with animal cruelty.

But since it’s greyhound racing, which is supported and promoted by a few states like West Virginia, it is allowed to go on.

It’s long past time to set the greyhounds free and save them from this horror – in the backward states that still allow this ‘industry’ to continue.

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