‘Canned’ lion hunts to continue in South Africa

A South African court has ruled the practice of breeding and acquiring lions to be used in the horrible practice of canned hunts can continue. The ruling came from the Supreme Court of Appeal, in response to a challenge to a law that was hindering the practice.

From the story posted on the CBC News website

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More than 300 lions are hunted in South Africa every year, with trophy hunters coming from countries including the U.S., Russia and Spain. That makes South Africa the second-biggest destination for lion hunting after Tanzania, where wild lions are shot. About 1,000 lions are hunted each year in Africa.

The ruling came more than a decade after a British Broadcasting Corp. documentary showed a lioness being shot in a small enclosure in South Africa in front of her cubs, leading to international criticism.

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Tourists are paying about $22,000 to shoot the lions, closed off from escape. So these are people who have no concern for endangered species – and really suck at hunting. They really need to stay home, play some sort of safari video game and stay away from any wildlife habitat.

And the members of a South African court that ruled the canned hunts should continue need to quit their ‘jobs’ and let people fill their positions who have compassion and an understanding that everything can’t be about money.


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  1. I just blogged about this sad practice as well. The sources where the animals come from is another sad story most tourists don’t know about.

    Canned hunting is a barbaric practice, but I don’t see an end to it as long as there’s a market for it – and people pay disgusting amounts of money to shoot anything that moves. Very sad.

    Its the same as the horrific increase in rhino poaching because Asia is clamouring over the ‘medicinal’ uses of rhino horn….someboy slap some sense into them and tell them to just start biting their nails! It’s the same bloody stuff!


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