Show some love for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Sierra Club is using this video as part of its program to urge President Obama to designate the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge as a National Monument.

From the Sierra Club’s website refuge page

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The Arctic’s rolling tundra and sparkling coastal waters are home to a stunning array of wildlife:

  • Nearly 200 species of birds visit and nest on the region’s tundra and wetlands.
  • Caribou, muskoxen, wolverines, grizzly and polar bears roam the vast expanse of land.
  • Walrus, bowhead and beluga whales ply the Arctic waters.

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The planet is losing vital wildlife habitat on a massive scale each year and this tide must be turned. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. This movement to preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a National Monument is extremely important.

EVERYTHING can’t be about profit or greed. SOME THINGS need to be held sacred and pristine.

I heard a one Florida politician recently state drilling needs to begin off the coast of his state, once it can be done safely. What’s that called? – a canard? Or in this case is it a ‘cover your own – (fill in the blank)?’ When the oil washes ashore on Florida’s beaches, he’ll just claim he was told it was safe to drill in deep water.

And this guy also put out the old “we’ve got to get off of foreign oil” line. Yeah, but we’ve got to get off both foreign AND domestic oil. The far better option is to push the pedal to the floor on the development of alternative energy sources. For too long, this process has been put on the back burner because the major oil companies wanted it on the back burner.

And they can’t wait to get their hands on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Knowing we need to really go to alternative energy, why do the oil companies and their paid hacks in Congress continue to pour money into drilling and paying off politicians to make it happen? The answer can be summed up in one phrase – Money in the Bank.

Oil in the ground is Money in the Bank. The Oily CEOs don’t want alternative energy sources in widespread use until they’ve drilled the bank as dry as possible. Otherwise – that oil (money) will be lost to them.

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