Latest move to remove grey wolves from Endangered Species List stalls – thankfully

Talks between several states out west and the US Department of Interior have stalled in the effort to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List.

As Global reports, the reason for the stalled talks is not out of concern for the wolves.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is quoted in the story –

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Schweitzer said the administration was ready to back legislation to take wolves off the list in Montana and Idaho, while giving Wyoming three years to craft an acceptable management plan for the predators.

“I was ready to go forward with a hunt in January of 170-something wolves,” he said. “But the governors, we couldn’t come to a consensus with the secretary of Interior about a possible legislative fix.”

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The “fix” in all cases such as this where animals are concerned always seems to be “kill baby kill.” It’s the only wildlife management plan the federal government and the states seem to be able to come up with.

There is a reason why the wolves have been on the Endangered Species List – human intervention. Too many wolves have been killed and too much habitat has been lost over many decades. And now, people with the mentality that put the wolves in danger want to kill them off again.


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