Headline out of Australia – ‘Scientists to study animals’ feelings’

The Sydney Morning Herald out of Australia posted this short piece on its website Wednesday.

Quote in the story from CSIRO scientist Caroline Lee –

“Until now the major gap in our ability to assess animal welfare has been our capacity to understand the emotional states of animals in different farming situations.”

We need to see more in this area of science – in studying animal behavior and cognition and using this knowledge in setting standards for the way we treat all animals, in farming, breeding and in general. I contend we do know enough now about self-awareness and state of consciousness to determine animals do indeed have feelings and suffer both emotional and physical pain.

But again, we need to see much more in the way of promoting and conducting research in this field of study. People who are against legislation to protect dogs in puppy mills and are against new laws to protect farm animals don’t want to see information such as we see in this story spread to the general public.


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