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In case you missed it – Obama signs crush-video ban into law

Again, this is one area – thankfully – where both sides came to agreement. Creating and then selling videos depicting acts of terrible cruelty to animals is simply sick and horrible.

President Obama signed the bill into law earlier today.

I looked up the House vote total and found one site reporting it was 416 to 3 in favor. To the three House members who voted ‘nay’ – just quit now and go home. Reportedly, the Senate vote was unanimous.

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Headline – ‘Oklahoma Puppy Mill Owners Dodging New Regulations’

I found this headline over a story posted Wednesday. The headline and the story fail to go down the informative road.

It may be that the reported increase in the number of dogs being dropped off at local shelters in Oklahoma is the result of the new state regulations that are slated to take affect next year. The story reports on the terrible state the dogs are in and on the numbers and it is a bad thing, as reported.

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