Headline – ‘Oklahoma Puppy Mill Owners Dodging New Regulations’

I found this headline over a NewsOn6.com story posted Wednesday. The headline and the story fail to go down the informative road.

It may be that the reported increase in the number of dogs being dropped off at local shelters in Oklahoma is the result of the new state regulations that are slated to take affect next year. The story reports on the terrible state the dogs are in and on the numbers and it is a bad thing, as reported.

BUT we know this will happen as new laws to protect breeding dogs go into place. Yes, it is a very unfortunate result of the enactment of better laws. BUT the alternative is far worse –  with thousands of dogs in the state (and hundreds of thousands more across the nation) continuing to live in horrible conditions of terrible cruelty.

While so many dogs will be dumped into homelessness so many more lives will be saved in the long run, with these new regulations.


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