Ohio state senator protesting lack of action on anti-puppy mill bill

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting Ohio state senator Gary Cates will be voting no henceforth in committee votes, as a protest – due to the stalled status of an anti-puppy mill bill.

From the story

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The bill passed overwhelmingly out of committee in early June, with supporters arguing that Ohio has become a haven for puppy mills, as other states crack down on abusive conditions at the facilities. The bill would establish licensing requirements and standards of care for certain dog breeders, some of whom, critics say, keep dogs in deplorable living conditions.

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Senate President Bill M. Harris is apparently holding up the bill for a floor vote because he’s “not for passing the bill.”

He is also quoted in the article as saying – “I think the bill itself identifies a lot of issues that are appropriate to address, but then I think it also leaves some issues that are not, and impacts on people that come in and talk to me, and the impact the bill would have on them.”

Translated – [ Puppy mill breeders are telling him they don’t want to be regulated and want to keep torturing dogs for profit. ]

So Harris is out to protect puppy mills, even if it means so many thousands of dogs continue to suffer. The jobs in the horrible puppy mill industry are more import to him. And he fears the bill will pass – with a vote of elected representatives. So he so badly wants to protect puppy mills, he wants to halt the voting process.

How do people like this get elected to office?

Ohio could join the movement for compassionate, animal-welfare legislation. But at least one man is fearful of letting that happen. At least Cates is trying to stand up for what is right and moral.


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  1. Posted by Lisa in OH on March 28, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    The Puppy Mill Bill will effectively shut down most rescues within the state


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